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Changes in Ruby 1.9, second update (2006-01)

Yet another update to my Ruby 1.9 change summary, including the modifications made after Nov 2005. I would stress the new Range#cover? method, along with the changes in Range#include? and Range#{min,max} introducing a special case for integer values.

And the disappearance of Symbol#to_int, which I forgot to mention before. New material for you if you were also planning to blog about Ruby symbols (^_^;)

In addition to the full changelist, there's a HTMLdiffish hmm... diff.


I can also provide unified diffs through RSS if enough people ask for it ;)

Several RSS feeds with multiple differential formats are available as of now (2006-01-19), see Differential RSS feeds.

Unified Diff RSS - Jacob Fugal (2006-01-16 (Mon) 10:20:13)

Please! :)

mfp 2006-01-17 (Tue) 09:18:45

Hmm I've realized my RSS plugin needs some changes --- atm. it generates the diff between the last version and the previous one, so you'd have to pull the feed very frequently to avoid missing updates. So I'm keeping the feed URL secret }:-) until I can generate daily diffs; shouldn't take too long (^.^)b

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