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Last month, in Ruby 1.9... (2006-03)

We've had quite a few changes in Ruby 1.9 since Jan 15th., notably:

  • new constant lookup rules (matz wonders why it took him over 10 year to figure them out)
  • lots of goodies in Enumerable and its close friend Enumerator: #first(n), #group_by, #find_index, and automagic creation of Enumerators for Numeric#times, #downto, #upto, etc.
  • new semantics for Module#const_defined?, #const_get and #method_defined?

As usual, instead of reading the whole changelist, you can get the "diff. of the textual diffs" via the following RSS feeds:

Differential feeds are available for all of eigenclass.org. Here's an explanation of differential modes and feed algebra.

HI - HATEM (2006-09-13 (Wed) 01:33:57)

i've never known you new lang just faw qustion 1- is it compailed lang or what?

Wonderful Facets Reduction - trans (2006-03-01 (Wed) 12:31:46)

Great news! Looks like I'll actually be able to REMOVE some methods from the Facets collection!

mfp 2006-03-01 (Wed) 15:21:58

No wonder, where do you think they get the inspiration from? ;-)

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