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What's eigenclass.org?

eigenclass.org is mostly Ruby stuff: code, information on the internals, news about the 1.9 branch, unusual hacks... I've tried to stay away from the most trivial things, so you won't find tutorials that rehash the basics of blocks, higher-order methods or modules (the set of things I consider basic is seemingly larger than for most people, though). I feel there's more than enough of that out there. More on that below.

I'm not that interested in exploring "metaprogramming" anymore, but you will find lots of material on this site, some of which is categorized here. I've pretty much covered the hacks that could be of use, and then some, so it doesn't look like I'll be writing much on that in the future. Also, when playing with the tricky parts I often run into implementation-dependent behavior or plain bugs.


There are lots of small code samples and little scripts here; indeed, most nodes have some code. I've tried to be selective about what to write about. No matter how useful, I wouldn't normally be interested in an article about a trivial one-liner, so I don't write this sort of things either.

Some software releases are featured in the sidebar, but there's more code hidden in the browseable darcs repositories. Things of some technical merit appear there every once in a while, often way before the official announcement (when it comes).

What's missing

I used to become easily irritated when I bumped into incomplete or, worse, inaccurate explanations of basic Ruby (and I must say, most people do not do their homework properly), especially in blogs filled with ads, but I just avoid them nowadays (adblock also helps to ease my temper). I do not write stuff I dislike when I see it in other blogs, and if I do I'll at least try to make it as comprehensive as possible (yes, there can be merit even in things that have been done a million times, if you actually try to improve on them). Some of the nodes I consider of inferior quality (information about eigenclass itself, things that can be inferred from other pages but are restated to make them easier to find, etc.) are tagged as "subpar".

Other stuff I find irritating and thus try not to do, for the sake of consistency:

  • excessive self-importance (this is why it's taken me a year and a half to write this, before giving up, wanting to believe that a description of what I've tried to do with eigenclass is relevant in eigenclass's "about" page)
  • rants, related to the above. I guess even rants can be written skillfully, but an equivalent, less visceral argumentation by the same writer should be able to convey the same information more effectively (also, nobody cares about me, why should they care about my emotional outbursts). Or to view it another way, being able to express your anger in a more elaborate way gives you extra points.
  • stuff written to generate traffic, *especially* in sites with adwords
  • half-cooked material and overly lazyweb.
  • the two above ones merged in one: blogposts that do not add anything and only copy the summary of another article or, say, a couple examples without actually bringing any new ones, followed by a pointer to the actual thing. Doesn't everybody hate that? Why do they still do it, though? (answer: because it's easier than writing on your own)
  • opinions based on ignorance and held vehemently. If I'm not sure about something I should either state it plainly or at least qualify my statements. Those less qualified to say anything will always speak louder than those who know better :-(

What's wrong with eigenclass

  • I loathe my writing style (do I even have one?). English is but the 3rd language I learned, but I still should have a better command of it.
  • I never encouraged participation. Not sure if that's good or bad; I always tried to do my homework and not leave things up to the reader.
  • it's too introspective at times (yes). There shouldn't have been a single "I". This very node is an example of the worst to be found on eigenclass.

What's good in eigenclass

There are a couple interesting articles and I tried to keep up some standards, even if I ultimately failed. Most people don't even try to. There's some merit in some code too.

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