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Code hosted at eigenclass.org

Most nodes in eigenclass.org contain some amount of code (ranging from small examples to useful utilities), but I've also released a few larger programs and libraries.

These programs are documented in separate nodes:

  • rcov : Ruby code coverage
  • ruby-wmii: wmii WM scripting
  • FastRI : faster, smarter Ruby doc browser
  • rcodetools : TDD/BDD++, automagic assertions, 100% accurate completion, doc/code browsing...

Also have a look at the online repositories, which contain the above and a few other trees, notably

  • rocaml, a tool allowing you to write Ruby extensions in OCaml very easily
  • oropes, ropes and rope-like functional vectors with O(1) appending/prepending, logarithmic access times and low memory overhead
  • ...
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