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Accessing the non-perishable information on eigenclass.org

eigenclass.org is a bit over one year old, and I've populated it with a fair amount of information and code. If you've been reading it, you'll know that I've tried to keep eigenclass.org as far as possible from the average(?) blog ("link to news story plus worthless comment" update.png no, chris2: that doesn't refer to anarchaia at all*1, "link to link to discussion of somebody else's work", shallow technical remarks & rants...). Coming up with new, worthy stuff isn't easy and I've not always succeeded (I've often thought that it just wasn't good enough and was close to shutting down eigenclass.org for good a couple times), but there are some non-perishable bits of info here, and I'm trying to make them easier to access.

I've been classifying some nodes, and just committed a new plugin to generate page lists ranked by popularity defined as

 { page_views } over { age sup alpha}

for alpha between 0.5 and 1. Here are the 25 most popular nodes on eigenclass.org for alpha = 0.5, you might find something of interest amongst them:

classic stuff! - _why (2006-11-21 (Tue) 09:58:55)

Your frequency is actually totally amazing, given the depth you put into it. Watching you put this out has been fascinating, Mauricio.

Some of my absolute favorites: the "defuse the bomb" post, the ICFP solution, the wmii bookmark manager, and the recent fulltext search. And, going back further, the old 5-line wiki and teensy blogs you had going on Ruby-Talk.

mfp 2006-11-22 (Wed) 15:43:31

What can I say... thanks for the praise. Glad to see you remember my little plastique.rb/challenge.rb. It's probably the most dense code I've written by the ingenuity(+effort) per line metric.

hmmm it doesn't work for 1.8.5, I guess I'll have to update it.

teensy blogs

hehe from my side it just started to look like too frequent, too noisy posting

trans 2006-11-23 (Thr) 19:46:27

I agree. Amazing churn out. Great posts. Your 1.9 changelog has incalculable value. Thanks.

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*1 I'll just say that it's one of the two (only) sites I visit almost every day. Oh, and self-depreciation gives one something to strive for...