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eigenclass.org 'Happy 2007!' Ruby contest, Sat 2007-01-06 20H UTC

  1. download script
  2. flex Ruby muscle, have fun and crack code
  3. submit confirmation code to eigenclass.org
  4. claim chance to win very modest prize

update.png I'm releasing the code on Sat. 2007-01-06 20H UTC (barring technical problems).

Stay tuned to the RSS feed for more details...

[ psss if you want to donate books or fine merchandise for the winner(s) leave a comment ;-) ]

Sweet - Kevin Ballard (2007-01-02 (Tue) 15:43:29)

Another ruby code contest? Awesome!

Kevin Ballard 2007-01-02 (Tue) 15:47:37

Incidentally, the time *sucks* :P

I really don't want to be up at 7 AM (EST) for this.

mfp 2007-01-02 (Tue) 18:10:47

Do *not* wake up at 7AM, I'm moving this to the weekend :) I'm analyzing the geographic distribution of eigenclass.org's readership to find the optimum time.

Err.... - Blackshack (2007-01-03 (Mercredi) 02:35:16)

I have yet effects of the new year party, maybe, but i can't find the link to downlaod the script????

mfp 2007-01-03 (Wed) 03:11:41

It'll be released next weekend; I have yet to decide the exact time (I'm trying to choose the optimum time based on an analysis of the server logs).

Blackshack 2007-01-03 (Mercredi) 04:35:33

Ok Thanks.

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