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Changes in Ruby 1.8.5

Non-blocking IO

Several methods backported from HEAD have been added:

  • BasicSocket#recv_nonblock
  • IO#read_nonblock
  • IO#write_nonblock
  • Socket#accept_nonblock
  • Socket#connect_nonblock
  • Socket#recvfrom_nonblock
  • TCPServer#accept_nonblock
  • UDPSocket#recvfrom_nonblock
  • UNIXServer#accept_nonblock

(see ruby-core:7917, ruby-core:7925).


See ruby-dev:28729.

Changes in rdoc/ri

  • lots of documentation added
  • RubyGems support: ri will search gem installation dirs for additional documentation
  • new options to limit the search path


  • added RSS::RootElementMixin#to_xml (ruby-talk:197284), which can be used to convert feeds to a different RSS version as follows:
   rss10 = RSS::Parser.parse(File.read("1.0.rdf"))
   File.open("2.0.rss", "w") {|f| f.print(rss10.to_xml("2.0"))}
  • Support for taxonomies added to the RSS parser and generator.
  • A number of convenience methods added
    • (fillme)

New style API for RSS generation ruby-talk:197284

The recommended style is now

xxx.new_yyy do |yyy|
  yyy.zzz = zzz

This corresponds to the following in pre-1.8.5:

    yyy = xxx.new_yyy
    yyy.zzz = zzz


  • added Kernel#Pathname(path) (require 'pathname')
  • added Kernel#pretty_inspect (require 'pp')
  • changes in the GC subsystem that result in better performance in some cases
  • added OptionParser#getopts
  • the per-object overhead went down to 20 bytes on win32 (from 24) ruby-core:7474

What breaks (!!!)

  • Binding.of_caller, and therefore breakpoint (including Rails')*1
  • several problems in ri reported: the documentation for some methods seems to have disappeared, and several methods that should not be documented appear in the indices; see ruby-core:08709


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*1 mfp: take a look at call_stack for a workaround