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Extending the wmii WM with more plugins; thanks, Nathan

New stuff added to the ruby-wmii community page (yes, this is a wiki, *hint*) and yet another nail in WIMP's (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing) coffin...

Nathan Howell emailed me that his ruby-wmii plugins are ready for more exposure. I've been using his ssh magic since he showed it to me about one month ago, and Nathan is to be thanked for the generalized program lists his plugins rely on (included in ruby-wmii 0.3.1: bookmark manager, generalized menus, view history...), and several aspects of the plugin system.

This is the functionality you'll find in his darcs repository:

  • menu-based music controller supporting:
    • totem
    • banshee
    • rhythmbox
    • beep-media-player
    • mpc/mpd
    • squeezebox
  • support for .desktop files from Gnome, KDE, ROX, XFCE in the program menu
  • listing of connectable ssh hosts in the program menu
  • pushing/pulling selected client from/to current view


You have to copy the .rb files to $HOME/.wmii-3/plugins so that ruby-wmii loads them when it (re)starts (you can reload the configuration with MODKEY-a wmiirc). music_actions.rb and push_pull_client.rb define new bindings which you can import in your wmiirc-config.rb with

 from "nathan@atdot.ca" do 
     use_binding "pull-client"  #, "MODKEY-Control-p"  # uncomment and cange
                                                       # to override the
                   # default
     use_binding "push_client"  #, "MODKEY-Shift-p"

     player = mpd
     # supported: mpd banshee beep-media-player totem
     use_binding "music-action-#{player}"  
     # see music_actions.rb for information about the key sequence

The plugins can be configured using plugin_config; Nathan documented how to do so in the sources.

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