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Ruby releases beyond 2007, and some news about 1.9/2.0 too.

The Rubima editors got some insider information about Ruby's long-term release schedule.

As for the events expected in the medium-term, I've detected lots of visits coming from this article in Rubyist Magazine (rubima) which expands on previous RubyKaigi news.

Ruby releases beyond 2007

1.8.9 release (2025/12/25)

The last release of the 1.8 branch.

1.8.z release (2053/12/25)

The (actual) last release of the 1.8 branch.

1.8.ん release (2069/12/25)

This time for real, the last release of the 1.8 branch.

1.8.0x1FFFFF release (2073/12/25)

No matter what, the absolutely last release in the 1.8 series.

Discussions about the new 1.8 release (2073/12/28)

There's some controversy about the new 1.8 release. A faction claims that no matter if all Unicode codepoints are squandered, there's still TRON, facing strong opposition from the conservative clique who think it is too minor in the international context.

Furthermore, a growing minority expresses: "enough is enough, use two-digit version numbers".

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