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YARV merged into 1.9? not that soon

(update: ko1 explains his reasons)

matz clarifies the news about the merge of ko1's YARV (yet another Ruby VM) into Ruby's CVS repository on Feb 14th (rough translation follows):

It's not in practice a merge into 1.9, but just that a branch for yarv can be created in Ruby's CVS repository. Work will be conducted on that branch to fix the divergences between YARV and 1.9, leading ultimately to the actual merge. Therefore, it's probably going to take a while before 1.9 works on top of YARV.

ko1's reaction to the world-wide craze

It seems what I said carried away by alcohol has spread. What should I do? Leaving Subversion is going to be painful...

kode wonders: could this be the culprit?


Last modified:2006/02/06 09:41:58
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